About Us

Welcome to the Baba Shree Narayandas Abhinav PG Mahila Mahavidhyalaya. Choosing a college is one of the most important decisions that you will ever make it can be the key that opens the door to a lifetime of opportunities for growth and service. We want you to base your choice of a college on relevant and reliable information. How well it turns out for you will depend primarily on the effort you invest in your own intellectual and professional development. Invest wisely and be assured that Baba Shree Narayandas Abhinav PG Mahila Mahavidhyalaya. faculty and staff pledge their best efforts in helping you attain your educational goals.

Baba Shree Narayandas Abhinav PG Mahila Mahavidhyalaya college was started in the year 2004. It was started with the objective of providing quality education to girl students to prepare them to serve as efficient and dedicated teachers.

There is a perfect environment for education in the college. The great efforts and certainty of the teachers brought a cent-percent result . College is forwarding on the path of success. There is a residential building for college staff in the college campus . A debate compitition is also organised on every national festivals and occasions ; inspite of that open Air session various competitions are also held in college.

Faculty and Staff to facilitate teaching learning process with active participation and encourages the students to develop competencies for life. To transform minds into technocrats and managers, globally competitive, highly skilled through a temple of learning and knowledge. The business community is questioning the skills students acquire in college, students dont possess necessary skills to be successful in the workplace.


  • All types of scholarships provided through state government.
  • According to management of UGC faculty are leaders in their fields.
  • Education center of making valuable life.
  • Computer education.
  • Big library.
  • Abandoned and flawless environment.
  • Regimentation environment.
  • Special guidance and attention for girls.
  • Water-cooler facility.
  • Well management for games , cultural programs and other interesting activities.
  • Two units of NSS for girls evolution/development.
  • Planning for on-campus college events on regular bases.